Our Hotel Honored with China Hotel Gold Star Award

Recently, our hotel has once again won China Hotel Gold Star Award for the “excellent services we have offered, the standard management we have provided and the good reputation we have enjoyed”. The Award is the highest prize in China’s hotel industry.

China Hotel Gold Star Award, the “Oscar Award” in China’s hotel industry, has won approval from the National Tourism Administration and is sponsored by China Tourist Hotels Association. Through such procedures as screening by Guangdong Provincial Tourist Hotels Association, online vote, customer satisfaction survey of a third-party professional corporation, vote by the member units of the Council affiliated to China Tourist Hotels Association and review by the Evaluation Group within a span of six months, the hotel which is considered to be the most representative of the standards for hotel management and hotel services from among one thousand candidate hotels throughout China and to best stand for the brand image of “a golden star shining among all rising stars” in China’s hotel industry will be awarded with “China Hotel Gold Star Award”.

General Manager Jia Guangjian of Baiyun Hotel attending the award ceremony of the 2nd China Hotel Gold Star Award hosted by China Tourist Hotels Association in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province on April 26th, 2012

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